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Version 3.04 (Nov 1993)
Author Dick Kurtz, Jeff Knauth
License IBM EWS

ROBOSAVE is a tool which allows you to quickly and easily back up the OS/2 2.x Desktop. In addition you can save a limited number of user-specified files. If problems occur later, you can easily restore the saved information. Because it is so easy to do a ROBOSAVE, you will find that doing frequent backups is quite painless.

The OS/2 2.x Desktop consists of control information for such things as folders, program objects, printer objects, and shadows. It also contains data about the tailoring you have done for colors, fonts, titles, window positions, associations, and much more. You may have invested a significant amount of time in adjusting the Desktop to your preferences. ROBOSAVE provides a good way to protect that investment.

ROBOSAVE does not do a full backup of all the data on your system. Instead it saves only certain key information. Part of this information is saved automatically. Part you must specify thru a profile. A sample ROBOSAVE profile is provided; however, there may be other critical files for your applications that you should specify in your own profile. Restoring this information is often sufficient to get your system working again very quickly. Of course doing a full backup provides a better guarantee of a full recovery. However, doing a full backup requires much more time and more space on your backup medium.