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SETIView/2 is a SETI@Home process monitor for OS/2. I created this because on my home network I have four machines running SETI@Home. Two of them (a desktop and a notebook) have SVCache maintaining work units. So there are quite a few different directories to look at to see the status of each SETI@Home process. The existing OS/2 monitors (Ellie and SysBar/2), can only monitor one process at a time. Under Windows, I use SETIWatch. This displays details of as many processes as you want. It also displays details of work units logged with SETILog (from the same author).

So, out of a desire to see what was happening with my SETI@Home processes and wanting to practice my C++ skills, SETIView/2 was born. Hopefully, someone other than me will find it useful.


  • Monitor multiple SETI@Home processes
  • Local and networked processes
  • Different view: Icon, Details, Compact and Custom
  • Any column can be put in custom view.
  • Auto refresh
  • Display user and process details
  • Drag-and-drop colours and fonts
  • All settings remembered
  • Icons indicating process status
  • Selected process details displayed in title bar
  • Compact and details views store sizes seperately
  • Process and user details views store window sizes
  • Display SVCache details.


Updated on 13/12/2002 with the following changes:

  • Decided it was time it was Version 1.0.0!
  • Bug: Progress was being rounded to 100.00% when it hadn't finished. So, now I'm truncating instead of rounding.
  • New: Added "As Added" sort method.
  • New: Selected sort can be saved and restored.
  • Bug: When a sort was selected, the list wasn't resorted after it was refreshed.
  • New: Column order in Custom view can be changed. Configuration is still via SVSetCustom.cmd.
  • New: Position of the Splitbar in the Details and Custom view can be set. Configuration is via SVSetCustom.cmd.
  • Change: With the addition of the split bar settings, I've rewritten the instructions in SVSetCustom.cmd.
  • Bug: Lots of grammar and spelling fixes in the documentation thanks to Al Savage. Unfortunately, I've rewritten so much of this, that I've probably undone all of his good work!


  • SETIView/2 V1.0.0 - 687.6KB