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Last Updated: 14th December, 1994


When I start SLIP, it says I don't have a SLIP.CFG file.




This symptom probably means you have installed the "Internet Connection for OS/2 Software" but are trying to run the SLIP.EXE without using either "IBM Internet Dialer" or "Dial Other Internet Providers".


First of all, determine if you really do NOT want to use one of the provided dialers. The dialers really do a very good job of establishing all the configuration required to get SLIP (and all the IAK applications) running.

Assuming that you do not want to use one of the provided dialers then you need to make sure that the following is in a file called slip.cfg in the directory pointed to by the ETC environment variable.

    interface sl0 

where com? is the serial port in use by the modem, and compression is set according to whether you want to use SLIP or CSLIP.

SLIP should then start up ok. If you want to dial out "manually", start SLIPTERM and type the modem dialler commands. When connected, logon to the service provider, start the slip connection then press F10 to get out of SLIPTERM to let SLIP start running.


If you do decide to invoke SLIP manually you will need to setup all the other configuration that the dialers normally do. For example: the configuration of the interface, name resolution and routing. This is not really a job for those who do not have experience with the full TCP/IP implementation. In other words, unless you know what you are doing, use the dialers.

A tip: don't kill SLIP before exiting SLIPTERM. Doing so will cause a system trap.

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