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Seagate Backup for OS/2 WARP delivers speed, flexibility and ease-of-use in one complete package. 32-bit multi-tasking and multi-threading performance reduce your backup and restore time, while the convenience of integrated WorkPlace Shell gives you drag-and-drop simplicity. Seagate Backup delivers seamless migration from Seagate's Sytos Plus, along with an aggressive upgrade path offering 100% compatibility for OS/2 Warp. Seagate Backup provides the widest range of tape support so you can use existing equipment, making installation easy and painless. Both new and experienced users will appreciate the simplicity and flexibility of Seagate Backup's administration and monitoring. Formerly from Arcada.

General Comments

Product Highlights
  • Reduce your backup time. 32-bit multi-tasking and multi-threading technology delivers high-speed throughput for unmatched efficiency.
  • Get step-by-step guidance. SMG's exclusive Assistant guides you through each step of a backup or restore operation for complete data protection when you need it.
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity lets you launch backup and restore operations with ease using integrated Workplace Shell support.
  • Point-and-click file selection simplifies your backup process allowing you to select individual files or entire directories.
  • Works with your existing hardware. Seagate Backup supports all popular floppy, parallel, IDE, and SCSI devices.
  • Recover quickly from disasters with Seagate Backup's exclusive disaster recovery process that eliminates the need to reload OS/2 WARP.
  • Automatically protect your data with on-demand or recurring backups using SMG's powerful scheduler.
  • 100% OS/2 Warp compatibility gives you long file name and extended attribute support for the High Performance File System (HPFS).
   * Store more data faster on less tape with two levels of backup including hardware compression for higher capacity, or software compression for increased backup performance.
   * Get details at-a-glance with Seagate Backup's comprehensive report log utility.
   * Works in the background without interfering with active applications - open or missed files are logged for retry or administrator action.
Performance Engineered for OS/2 WARP
  • Unattended backup and restore capabilities reduce administration cost, while freeing you up to manage other important issues.
  • Intuitive screen layout simplifies backup and restore operations for new and experienced users.
  • Context sensitive help provides answers with the click of the mouse to guide you through backup and restore operations by eliminating the guess work with clear, concise information.
  • On-line tutorial provides guided instruction and reference point giving you instant access to procedures that streamline backups and data restoration for improved reliability.

Seagate Backup for OS/2 Warp (Personal Edition) Supported Device List

Floppy Controller / Parallel Port Storage Devices Capacity(1) Media Type(2) AIWA TD-803, TD-811, TD-P250, TD-P250U 250 Mb DC 6250 Alloy FTFA/P, FTFA/PA, Retriever series 120 Mb DC 2000 APS MobilStor QIC80 PPT 120 Mb DC 2000 MobilStor QIC80 Travan PPT 400 Mb Travan Archive 11250x (Internal/PPT), 31250x, 51250x ("SuperHornet"), 3580, 5580 120 Mb DC 2000 3240, 3540, 5240, 5540 60 Mb DC 2000 Colorado Memory Systems Jumbo 120 60 Mb DC 2000 Jumbo 250, Trakker 250 120 Mb DC 2000 Jumbo 350, Trakker 350 160 Mb DC 2000 Jumbo 700, Trakker 700 340 Mb QIC 3010 Jumbo 1400 500 Mb QIC 3020 Travan T1000 series 400 Mb Travan Combyte Doubleplay series 210 Mb QIC 80 wide Conner TapeStor 250 series, 11250NP, 31250N, 51250N ("SuperHornet"), 3580, 5580, SLC QIC 80 series 120 Mb DC 2000 TapeStor 420 series, TSM420x models, SLC QIC-80 Wide series 210 Mb QIC 80 Wide TapeStor 700 series, TSM700x models, CTM700x models 340 Mb QIC 3010 TapeStor 800 series, CTT800x models, TST800x models, SLC2 Travan series, RoadRunner Travan series 400 Mb Travan RoadRunner 3010 Wide series 425 Mb QIC 3010 wide CTM1360x models 500 Mb QIC 3020 RoadRunner 3020 Wide series 850 Mb QIC 3020 wide TR3 Travan, CTM3200 models 1.6 Gb QIC 3080 Exabyte EXB-1500 500 Mb QIC 3020 Iomega Ditto 250 120 Mb DC 2000 Tape 250, IO80, IO80FI, IO80-PX, IO80-PX2 250 Mb DC 6250 Ditto 420 210 Mb QIC-80 Wide Ditto 800, Easy 800 400 Mb Travan Ditto 850 425 Mb QIC 3010 wide Ditto 1700 850 Mb QIC 3020 wide Ditto 3200 400 Mb Travan Tape 510, IO3010, IO3010-PX, Parallel Port 510 340 Mb QIC 3010 Tomcat, IO3020FI 850 Mb QIC 3020 wide Parallel Port II 250 Mb DC 6250 MicroSolutions BackPack 250, 141080 120 Mb DC 2000 BackPack 800TD 400 Mb Travan Mountain FileSafe series, SideCar series, TD-250/80 120 Mb QIC-80 Rexon TR1 400 Mb Travan Summit Memory Systems Export 120, SE120 60 Mb DC 2000 Export 250, SE250 120 Mb DC 2000 Teac FT-3008TR, FT-3010TR 400 Mb Travan FT-3010 340 Mb QIC 3010 FT-3020 500 Mb QIC 3020 Wangtek 3010MT 340 Mb QIC 3010 3020MT 500 Mb QIC 3020 3040FS 60 Mb DC 2000 3060FS 80 Mb DC 2000 (1)Assuming largest typical media and uncompressed data (2)Guideline given assuming largest typical media; for exact options and recommendations please refer to your hardware manufacturer for correct media.

Proprietary High Speed Controllers Speed Archive XL20A (1Mb) 1 Mb Colorado Memory Systems FC-10, FC-20, TC-15, TC-15M 1 Mb Conner Peripherals 2 Mb 2 Mb Exabyte 2 Mb 2 Mb Iomega IHA10P, ACC08, ACCE2 1 Mb, 2 Mb Maynard 4100M, 20001 1 Mb MicroSolutions CompatiCard IV 1 Mb Summit 1Mb 1 Mb


  • Discontinued commercial software
  • SGT77 Seagate Backup Exec V3.0 for OS/2


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