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By Ed Durrant (edurrant at

Document version 0.1 16th. October 2009.

Serenity virtual Station is no longer available for purchase as one of the companies producing part of it were bought out by American investors and they now produce another product under their own company name "Parallels" - see other comments on Parallels for Windows.

While no longer purchasable if you have a copy of Serenity Virtual system 2004 "SVista", I am glad to be able to report that eCS Silver (2.0 RC7) installs fine as long as you make some changes in the pre-boot install menu as follows:

Select Modern hardware - Safe in place of Virtual Machine.

Ensure no USB is selected, that AMouse IS selected, that the video is set to Panorama.

Change the IDE support from IBM to Danis driver in performance mode.

Homepage Link: No longer active - was


Drivers under SVISTA/2 and SVISTA/WIN

Component Name Driver Audio N/A Not Supported Video Panorama Select from eCS Silver pre-install menu USB pass-through: N/A Not Supported Parallel Port printer access: ??? Not Tested EIDE ATA driver: Danis - Performance mode Select from eCS Silver pre-install menu Tools/additions pack for eCS client: Floppy image Additions Yes - mouse integration, video and NIC drivers Networks: Realtek 8029 or Intel PRO1000 selectable. Realtek 8029 installed by eCS Silver build



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