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Republishing Permission

Sigurd Fastenrath gave permission to republish his article "Howto: Install eCS 2 on modern Laptop keeping Preinstalled Windows 7" under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission on January 7 of 2014 on the OS2World Forum.



  • [ Anleitung - Howto eComStation 2 – Laptop – Windows 7Preinstall] ( Version 1.0 - 3. August 2010)
  • [ OS/2 Warp DVD/ eComStation DVD/ Build your personal edition of your favorite Operating System] (2009-Nov)
  • Installing OS/2 on Modern hardware - OS/2 User Meeting Cologne 2013
  • InJoy/2 Configuration for UMTS networks support - OS/2 User Meeting Cologne 2013