SimCity 3000

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SimCity 3000
SC3000 001.png
Version 3000
Vendor Maxis
Website Internet Archive.
Odin Version 0.9.0-1
OS Version ArcaOS 5.0.4

This page list the testing of SimCity 3000 with ArcaOS or OS/2 running Odin.

SimCity 3000 (Electronic Arts) (2000)

  • Installer does not work with Odin
  • Launcher runs with Odin, but it is useless.

I copied the SC3 folder from the CD-ROM to the hard drive and run "pe sc3.exe" from the command line. The game runs in a window on the up left side of the screen. The game works, the menu navigator does not display right, you have to do a roll-over with the mouse to know what it is.