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Version 2.00 (Dec 1997)
Author Eric Slaats
License Shareware

Smalled is a powerful OS/2 editor. It's fast and has a lot of extras over the system editor. Smalled is a 32 bit Multi threaded PM application which has all of the attractive OS/2 features like direct manipulation, presentation parameters, clipboard support, use of extended attributes, ATM font support, WYSIWYG printing and extended text formatting tools.


  • Toolbar with Bubble-help
  • Statusbar
  • Complete Drag-n-Drop support
  • Clipboard support
  • INI Support (Saving size, place, Etc.)
  • EAs (Saving fonts, wrap, tab-size)
  • WYSIWYG Printing
  • Multi-threading
  • ATM support
  • Context popup

Just like Confed, SmallED was created out of a need to learn C++ programming under OS/2 PM. Initialy SmallED was a spinoff from this process, but it has evolved beyond that. This program is the result of the user reactions I've got on earlier (free) versions of SmallED and on the articles written in EDM/2. A lot of people have asked for features and encouraged me to expand this program. It has taken so much out of my spare-time (and other resources) that I've decided to make it (cheap) shareware so some of my expenses may become covered.