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He was part of the Warpstock Board. He used to organize several Warpstocks. Stanley B. Sidlov, age 60, of Pompton Lakes, NJ, passed away suddenly on Monday, December 31, 2012.

"Stan Sidlov was instrumental in making Warpstock '98 Chicago happen. He stepped in when the original host group bowed out -- amidst a flurry of controversy -- and put everything back on track... despite the fact that the event was in Chicago, and he lived in New York. At Warpstock '99, Pete tracked him down and wouldn't let him leave until he'd answered our questions..."

Stan Sidlov was around OS/2 forums since the early 90's. He worked with or used every version of OS/2 since 1.3EE. Tapped back in 1998 for Warpstock's Event Chair because he was too helpful on Compuserve for too many years, he did repeat duty in 2000. Stan was part of the Warpstock Board since 1999 and was it's Treasurer. A trained programmer and project manager for IBM Midrange shops since the early 80's, he worked for a number of bank and financial institutions over the years.


  • NET-03 : Home Networking for the Non-Geek - Warpstock 2003