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Author Jost Becker
License Freeware
Download []

The system information pad is an enhancement of the LaunchPad in OS/2 Warp. It is a Workplace Shell object, which extends the facilities of the LaunchPad by the possibility of monitoring actual system parameters.

All information is presented in a graphical way. In contrast with comparable tools there is no extra PM session required for 'the system information pad', because it is completely integrated in the original OS/2 LaunchPad.


  • Graphical system-monitoring of:
    • Available physical memory
    • Swap file size
    • Available swap space
    • CPU load measurement
    • Free disk space of local hard drives
    • Usage of local hard drives
  • Date and time
  • Incoming e-Mail notification
  • No extra PM-session; integrated in the original OS/2 LaunchPad
  • Online help and manual