System stops booting because of problem with COUNTRY.SYS

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Last Updated: 27th November, 1994


  During installation the following message appears:
  "The country information file A:\COUNTRY.SYS is incorrect.  The
  system is stopped.  Correct the preceding error and restart."


  3.5" and 5.25" floppy drives


  CMOS not set up properly; it thought the 3.5" A:  drive was a 5.25"
  drive and that the 5.25" B:  drive was a 3.5" drive.


  Correct the CMOS settings.


  This could happen as the result of a bad CMOS battery, or from
  swapping the diskette drive cables and forgetting to re-set the
  CMOS information to match the change.

Frank McKenney