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TIMEUP displays the amount of time since OS/2 2.0 was booted in the smallest window possible... a titlebar. The maximum length of time that TIMEUP can record is 49 days, 17 hours, and 2 minutes. It updates the display every 10 seconds to minimize the CPU use and still retain a bit of accuracy. It also writes the maximum time up out to disk every minute if it has changed. It can then be left running along the top or bottom of the screen with virtually no loss of screen space.

This program was adapted from the program VMEM by M.B.Mallory. I sincerely It will compile under EMX 0.8f.

Requires OS/2 2.x and EMX.DLL version 0.8f or later


  • v1.0 - The first release
  • v1.01 - Bug fix for 8514/a displays. Recompiled to use emx.dll alone and to not need emxlibc.dll. This resulted in an 8k larger executable but the 80k emxlibc.dll was no longer needed.
  • v1.2 - Added the ability to store and recall the maximum up time. Also, modified so that double-clicking on the title bar with the right mouse button toggles between maximum Time UP and Time UP A few modification made for a program that used a bit less CPU.
  • v1.21 - Fixed a minor but important bug. Left me with a greater respect for people who are able to release stuff without bugs



As Is. Source Code Included.