Tandy GRiD 325sc

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Marc Galloway posted his experience of installing OS/2 Warp Connect (Blue Edition) on a old Tandy GRiD 325sc computer. This is a summary of his progress.

Attached Hardware

There had been extra cards added to the computer to acomplish IDE and sound support. The extra cards attached are:

  • SIIG Fast EIDE Controller CN2419 - ISA
  • Yamaha OPL YMF701-S Sound Card - ISA
  • KNE 2121+ Network Card -
  • Compact Flash to IDE Adapter - SD-CF-IDE-BR
  • Mitsumi CD-ROM - CRMC-FX4824T


  1. Disabled secondary IDE interface
  2. Set CF IDE adapter to master
  3. Set CD-ROM to slave
  4. Connected both to to the primary IDE interface on the SIIG controller

CD-ROM Installation

OS/2 Warp 3 Connect CD-ROM installation was acomplished with the included diskettes with the following techinique.

After trying multiple combinations the one that worked was this:

  • Moved Compact Flash (C drive) to the secondary IDE interface and set as master
  • Moved CD-ROM to primary IDE interface and set as master
  • Verified motherboard IDE interfaces were disabled in the BIOS
  • Booted from OS/2 Warp Connect install floppy and install proceeded

The IDE card was smart enough during the bus scan to figure out the order of devices and let boot in this odd configuration.

Network Adapter

Sound Adapter