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By Derek Clarkson‎

Well, it's Chaos time here at the ranch, We're up, it's 1:30 in the morning and I have to get up at 8 am. The lounge is full of sleeping people, the office with computers being setup for the show, and the walls are decorated with the Team jackets, drying after being screen printed.

So whats's the latest news ?

Show deals and specials being offered by local vendors include:

Object Desktop Professional (New Version) RRP $250 will be selling for $195,
OS/2 Essentials/Star Emperor bundle for $35, a saving of $65,
Bitstream Font Pack (500 OS/2 fonts with Font Folder software) normally $75, will be $60 during the show,
Galactic Civilisations 2 will be going for $65, a saving of $25,
Secure Workplace v4 (new) and Travelling Workplace 1.2 (new) are also be specialed at $75 (Normal RRP is $99,95),
Object Desktop 1.5, normally $125, will be going during the show for $80 !!!!
BlueCAD normally $265, $200 - a saving of $65.
BackAgain/2 Professional, normally $150, will be $120 for the four days of the event.
MicroLearn Game Pack ($69.95) going for $45, and
BackUp Wiz will be going for $90 when it normally retails for $185 !!!!
From Tuesday onwards we will be selling OS/2 Blue/Red Connect Upgrades selling for $175 with a FREE upgrade to Merlin (Warp V4) and the Family Fun Pack.
Also, the lucky few who get in quick will also be able to snap up Sim City 2000 for OS/2 at $60, a saving of 19.95 and we only have a few left. Sim Town (New) normally 69.95, selling for $45 and the same for Widget Workshop.
CTRL+ALT+DEL Commander (thread management and crash protection software) normally $49.95 will be $35 NEW
Quickmotion for OS/2 - play MOV, QT and other Apple files straight of the Net !!!! Wicked !normally $70, selling for $55.

Here's the data from the previous version of this page for those who are interested in more details.

Over the last few months the Melbourne branch of Team OS/2 has been working long hours to put together the first dedicated Team OS/2 stand at a PC show in Australia, if not - The World.

Image of stand for Show. With gathering support from sponsors and other team members, the inertial being built up behind this effort is breath taking. From Sydney - Frankson Information Management, MultiTask Consulting, SBT and others are driving down to Melbourne, bringing with then a truck load of software for both demo and to sell. If you want it, we will have it! From Woodonga, Sentience Software From Melbourne - Team OS/2, OS/2 Zone Magazine, EDGE Computers, LaserBaud, and others are contributing hardware and personel as the plans for the stand excite anyone who sees it.

From my viewpoint, this endevour is the most exciting thing I've been involved with since buying my first copy of OS/2. I've constantly amazed at the willingness of people to get behind this. I've got Team members who are taking two weeks off work, just so that they can be full time both during build up and at the show. I've had offers of wood, printing facilities, construction materials, Net access, and much more. It's like everyone has been waiting for the last two years for someone to finally stand up and say "Right, lets get this thing done!" and now they are pouring every last effort into it.

We went from initially just thinking of a shell stand to the situation where we have a fully custom built free standing stand. The location is incredible, right on on of the busiest spots in the exhibition. With a 6m x 3m space, open on three sides and between the MultiMedia area and one of the cafaterias, we will get more exposure than some of the bigger stands. I remember the phone call from Oliver at Frankson Information Management when I faxed him the location. He said one thing - "Book it". We didn't even know the price !

Since then things have gone crazy. The R&D crews have been working over time, coming up with ideas, testing them, and passing on the results. You can see for yourself from the latest set of drawings ( 503k Zip ) of the stand. Already under construction at a secret Melbourne location, our planning is far in advanced of everyone elses.

The personal area is flat out, Terry Kemp who is organising this first offered to put up a web page to collect names of people who wished to help out, I simply handed him a list of those already offering to work the full week and he changed his mind about asking for more.

Meanwhile is Sydney where alot of the demos are being organised, the current schedule is to have a demonstation every 30 minutes during the show, and even then we won't be able to show everything. Who said there was no OS/2 software around ? 8-)

later, Derek.


Team OS/2 would like to thank the following sponsors:

Sponsor Contribution
EDGE Computers Most of the computer gear (99%)
Blue Sea Containers Warehouse space to build the stand
Electroboard. 16th Floor, 390 St Kilda Road. Melbourne VIC 3004. Tel: +61-3-9866-2988 LitePro 580 Digital Projector
Netstra Internet accounts
Personal Best Fashions Screen printing supplies and stencils for team jackets
Dulux Paints (Wholesale) West Melbourne Paints and supplies for stand