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Last update: 6th November, 1995

This section is a collection of information about using CD-ROM drives with OS/2 Warp.


Frank McKenney's Warp Installation Notes

IBM's Warp Tips

  • cdscrd installing os/2 warp, internal cdrom drive connected to a soundcard directly (not a separate controller card)
  • redd1 installing warp on a system with cdrom (toshiba) connected to an Adaptec 1542c, getting a red screen no cdrom device support found
  • lmspbl philips cdrom causes boot problem if /m parameter used
  • nec260 configuring the nec 260 ide cdrom under os2 warp
  • iakmit problem installing "internet connection for os/2" portion of the warp bonuspak from cdrom on mitsumi cdrom drives
  • ide what ide cd-roms are compatible with os2 warp? and how do i make them work?
  • ah274x system hangs with Adaptec 2740/2742 controller with cdrom attached


  • PJ15841 buslogic pci scsi driver hangs warp install from cdrom, bt-946c
  • PJ16058 sony 55e and 55d, mitsumi fx001de cdrom's do not work in warp. l1ok
  • PJ16074 adaptec 1640 mca card under warp fails to see cdrom
  • PJ16085 unzip problem installing "internet connection for os/2" portion of the warp bonuspack from cdrom on mitsumi drives
  • PJ16105 trap 003 in machines with ide cdrom with heavy swapping under warp os/2 version 3.0
  • PJ16121 warp aha152x.add not working with some cdrom's
  • PJ16125 warp cdrom driver sbcd2.add does not work with reveal cdrom. l1ok
  • PJ16241 warp dpt20xx.add driver does not recognize cdrom
  • PJ16254 trap d occurs when 2 ide cdroms are atteched to the ide port

Fix Packages

This section lists some of the known fix packages for problems with CD-ROM drives.

Note: To the best of the Warp Pharmacy's knowledge, these fix packages are solutions for the problems described. Please be sure to read any documentation that comes with a fix package before applying it in order to check that it is an appropriate fix for your situation.

  • [ATAPI.ZIP] A fix for a problem with some ATAPI drives. See [PJ16058] and [PJ16105].
  • [CDDRVR.ZIP] The package above includes the files from the next five. These packages are said to fix the problem described by note10 of Frank McKenney's Warp Installation Notes.
    • [WLM205.ZIP] (Philips LMS205)
    • [WLM206.ZIP] (Philips LMS206)
    • [WMITFX.ZIP] (Mitsumi)
    • [WSBCD2.ZIP] (SoundBlaster)
    • [WSONY5.ZIP] (Sony 535 CD)