The Secure Workplace

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The Secure Workplace
Secure Workplace.jpg
Version 4.72 Professional Edition
Vendor Syntegration Incorporated
License Commercial / Discontinued
Website Archived Website (1999)

OS/2 Warp computer security and desktop management software. Features include workplace shell access control, C2 level discretionary file access control, user identification and authentication, single sign-on to a network or remote host, audit trail, desktop management, lockup screen saver, and dynamic desktop views by user or group. Includes Traveling Workplace. for desktop backup, restore and multiple desktop management.

The Secure Workplace V4 shipped in Standard and Professional Editions.

  • The Standard Edition excludes file access control and multi-desktop management. Users can add workplace backup, restore, and multi-desktop management by purchasing the Traveling Workplace which is sold separately.
  • The Professional Edition includes multi-desktop management and file access control.

Site licenses were available for both editions.


  • Discontinued commercial software
  • SNT56 Secure Workplace for OS/2 V4.x - Stndrd
  • SNT60 Secure Workplace OS/2 V4 - Pro