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Last update: 26th February, 1996

The Software Shelf is a selection of notes organised according to affected software component.

Latest Warp Updates From IBM

  • FixPack 17 Update (last revised 02/22/96)

Frank McKenney's latest collection of tips regarding Warp Fix Pack 17 - rendered into HTML by the Team OS/2 Cincinnati Users Group.

An earlier contribution from Frank McKenney about Warp updates.

  • Master OS/2 Warp Update List

A comprehensive list of Warp updates maintained by the Team OS/2 Cincinnati Users Group.


  • IBM's REXX page (N/A)
  • Quercus System's REXX pages



Windows Applications

Bonus Pack

The Internet Connection

The Workplace Shell


Novell Netware

Banyan Vines


Ultimail Lite

  • IBM's Ultimail FAQ [5]

DOS (+ later replacements)

IBM Beta Support Programs

  • General information about IBM's PSP beta programs [6]

Includes info about:

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