The Sound Card Shelf

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Last update: 6th November, 1995

The Sound Card Shelf is a selection of notes relating to sound cards. organised according to affected hardware component.

Pro Audio Spectrum
  • PAS-16 Sounds Cards
Sound Blaster (+ clones)
  • SB16 Update
  • Windows GPF - WINSHIELD.EXE error in SBPSND.DRV
  • MMPM/2 support for Sound Blaster 16 fails to install cleanly
  • SoundBlaster
  • SB16 VE - 8 bit sound samples sound bad
  • SoundBlaster 2.0 clone won't work
  • Larry Bell's [Warp Sound Tips] for Sound Blaster 16 cards
  • How to set up OS/2 to run with the Reveal SC400 REV 3
  • Drivers for Reveal sound cards
  • Mozart Sound card and OS/2
  • Packard Bell sound card won't work

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