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Translation tool v.2.12.10 (utility to add language support)

Translat.exe is tool to translate language INI files:

1. Copy Translat.exe to directory in PATH statement in CONFIG.SYS.

2. Go to directory where you installed one of supported programs:

Program                 INI file
--------                --------
ConfigTool              CFGTOOL.INI
dBase Info              DBFINFO.INI
INI tools               INITOOLS.INI
Tame/2                  TAME.INI
Text Converter          TEXTCONV.INI
Unit Converter          CONVERT.INI
World Clock             WCLOCK.INI

3. Type Translat and press Enter. There must be program INI file and language INI files.

4. Select source language in first list box and your language in second list box. Click on "Start translation" button, or press Alt-T.

To create new language, change name of selected language in entry field. If target language file does not exist, source language file will be copied to new language file. Enter comment, your name and email address. Click on "Start translation" button, or press Alt-T.

To check if all items are translated, select "New" checkbox to display items missing in your language file.

5. You can check translation while you are working with Translation tool: run program and select your language in "Settings". Save changes, exit program and start it again.