Traveling Workplace

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Traveling Workplace
Version 1.30 (Oct 1996)
Vendor Syntegration Incorporated

Backup, restore, create and manage OS/2 Desktops and workplace shell objects without rebooting. Now you can provide personalized desktops for each user and migrate them between workstations. The product translates long filenames so you can backup from an HPFS drive and restore on a FAT drive. Travelling Workplace is optimized for network administrators and simplified for end users.

Traveling Workplace was sold seperately and bundled with The Secure Workplace for OS/2 Professional Edition.


  • Backup your desktop faster than you can imagine
  • Restores desktops images immediately without rebooting
  • Creates new desktops with objects you specify
  • Switches between on-line workplaces you create or restore
  • Lets you deploy your custom desktop on many workstations
  • Allows you to manage a custom desktop for each user or group
  • Integrates with your network operating system
  • Allows you to selectively backup and restore workplace objects
  • Supports unattended installation and customization
  • Compatible with OS/2 2.11, OS/2 WARP 3, and OS/2 WARP 4