UPS Monitor for OS/2 and eComStation FAQ

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By Armin Schwarz

How do I configure UPS Monitor to automatically connect and minimize on start-up?

Right-click on the UPS Monitor icon, select Properties from the pop-up menu, select the Program tab and enter -Con -Min in the Optional Parameters box. Each command can be used independently from each other. See picture below.

Commandline Entries

Can I use UPS Monitor eventhough my UPS does not have an interface port or is not supported?
My UPS didn't include a communications cable, can I use UPS Monitor to detect a power failure?

Yes. Download and install UPS Monitor C and setup as shown below. The key is using an (old), external modem to detect the power fail event. The help of UPS Monitor C has a description of this setup.

Poor Man's UPS Monitor

How can I display the status of UPS Monitor on the desktop when the program is minimized?

There are two possibilities. The first one is by simply minimizing UPS Monitor to the desktop rather than the minimized programs folder. Right-click on the UPS Monitor icon and select Properties and click on the Window tab. Check the Minimize window to Desktop button in the Minimize button behavior group. UPS Monitor will then display status in the icon title as shown below.

UPS Monitor Status icon

The second possibility is using XCenter included with XWorkplace. Using a REXX Gauge Widget, you can configure XCenter to display UPS Monitor status like shown below. Full instructions on how to set this up are included in the UPS Monitor help file.