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Last update: 6th November, 1995


Attempts to get login.exe, attach.exe, to accept Netware passwords from a file or as a parameter do not work.




Login to a Netware server in an unattended mode was not made easy by Novell under OS/2 Warp. None of the command line utilities that can attach you to a server will accept re-directed passwords. These utilities do not read STDIN for password input.

Creating userids without passwords can result in security and administration problems that may be unacceptable.


If you must have a password for your userid, you can take advantage of two features that Netware provides:

1. Within a login script, the attach command will take a password as a parameter.

2. The login command will let you to over-ride the use of a system login script and allow you to specify your own.

You will need access to a Netware server on your LAN that has an ID which does not require a password. The standard guest id works well here. By default the guest ID does not require a password has minimal rights. The login id that you use in order to run your script needs no rights at all if login.exe and the login script are on your local machine.


login command:
 -------  cut here -----------
login fs1/guest /s c:/netware/login.scr pswd1
 -------- cut here ----------

 ------- cut here ---------

  attach fs2/userid1;%2
  attach fs3/userid2;pswd2
  attach fs4/userid3;pswd3
  attach fs5/userid4;pswd4

  map m:=fs2/sys:directory
  map n:=fs3/sys:directory/subdir
  map o:=fs4/sys:directory
  map p:=fs5/sys:

 ------- cut here -----------


The password can either be passed as a parameter or embedded in the login script. E.g., above pswd1 is passed in as a command line parameter of login.exe, and pswd2, pswd3, and pswd4 are embedded in the login script.

The example above uses different userids and different passwords for different servers. This is not required and the same userid and password may be set up for all servers.

UNC (universal naming convention) names will allow you to store non-default login scripts on a server. If you do this, make sure you pass the password as a parameter. Embedding it in the script when the script is on the server may cause security problems.

login fs1/guest /s //fs1/sys/public/mylogin.scr pswd1 pswd2 pswd3 pswd4

 Matt Hickman 

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