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Unit Converter is PM utility which enables "on-the-fly" unit conversions. You can add your own groups, change basic units for groups, delete groups you don't need, add units, change unit's conversion factor, offset and prefixes and delete units you don't need.

Language support for English, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. To add your Language support for Unit Converter, download Translation tool, and read included Translat.txt for instructions.

New in version 0.9.6:

  • SPANISH language support,
  • FRENCH language support,
  • Remember last values,
  • User defined functions,
  • Hot keys,
  • New units.

UPDATE (2001-03-06): Dutch Language support for Unit Converter - download units096lng.zip (6 kb), copy to Unit Converter directory and run unitslng.cmd script.


Unit Converter is free software but it is not public domain. The author retains all copyright to the application and all files within it. You may use Unit Converter yourself and you may distribute it to others so long as all files are left unchanged. You may not distribute Unit Converter in any way which leads to your making a profit from it. This means that you can only charge enough to cover the costs of media, postage etc. involved in distribution. Also you may not use it as an incentive to buy something else. If you are in any doubt you should contact the author. The author's permission must be obtained before Unit Converter is included on a magazine disc and P.D. libraries. You should, as a matter of courtesy, inform the author when you are planning to distribute the application and send one copy of magazine disc to the author.


  • Goran Ivankovic‎
  • Translators:
    • Klaus Staedtler (German)
    • Björn Söderström (Swedish)
    • Guillaume Gay (French)
    • Javier Arias Fernandez (Spanish)
    • Kris Steenhaut (Dutch)