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Do you want to do something for OS/2 ? If you are not a developer and like to surf the web around and like to download and try OS/2 software there is something you can do.

As you know the main file repository for OS/2 user is Hobbes. So it will be a good idea that every OS/2 user that found a piece of software that is missing in hobbes to upload it there.

What you have to do is open an ftp session to hobbes and upload the files inside the "/pub/incoming" directory with a ".txt" file with the same time of the file you are uploading and with the ".txt" extension.

Check the Hobbes Readme template (http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/incoming/README.TEMPLATE) so you can add a file correctly. Also check the hobbes policy. Remember that is good to put the program name and version, write a good description and put the date of last update of the software to know if it is new or old.

So came on, upload every freeware/shareware/postcardware (everything that is free for distribution) to Hobbes no matter how old or new it is as long as it is for OS/2.