Using Web Explorer's ftp Capabilities for .exe Files

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Last update: 6th November, 1995


When Using Web Explorer with an ftp URL .exe files do not get transferred as binary


Any environment supporting Web Explorer.


..exe is not a valid mime (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (RFC 1521)) extension and may not be treated as you expect by Web Explorer. You may wish to have this file transferred in the same way that .zip files are transferred and saved locally.


Edit your EXPLORE.INI file

find the line with this:


modify it to look like this:

extmap=d:\tcpip\etc\extmap.txt (place your drive instead of d:) 

Then make a file called extmap.txt in that particular directory and put this in there:

application/octet-stream   exe bin mid arj lha lhz
text/plain                 txt ini package


If you want other binary files to be transferred as binary files and saved to disk, you may add the extension to the first line. More text file extensions can be added to the second line. Adding too many extensions to a line can cause problems. You can put in additional lines. E.g. for binary transfers:

application/octet-stream  exe bin mid arj lha lhz
disk-image/octet-steam    dsk 1dk 2dk 3dk 4dk 5dk 6dk 7dk 8dk 9dk 0dk
text/plain                txt ini package doc 1st cmd bat rsp

The above procedure belongs to Adrian ( who posted the procedure on comp.os.os2.networking.tcpip newsgroup in February. Thanks Adrian.

By Matt Hickman

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