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By Timo Maier‎

According to the eStylerLite licence the following is not legal

eStylerLite is the Styler (SmartWin) version for eComStation. If you want to use eStylerLite for eComStation for your OS/2 follow these steps. I have tested this with ACP2. It will give you the 3d look buttons, title bar options and the extended shutdown option.

  1. Unzip s:\cid\server\ecspkg\ where s is eCS 1.1 CD1 to a temporary directory.
  2. Copy the three DLL in ecs\dll\ to \OS2\DLL
  3. Add eStyler DLL to SYS_DLLS:LoadPerProcess, you can use the following REXX script
/* */
estldll = "ESTLRL10"
SAY "Adding eStyler DLL to SYS_DLLS:LoadPerProcess ..."
val = SysIni("USER", "SYS_DLLS", "LoadPerProcess")
IF val \= "ERROR:" THEN DO
  IF 0 = POS( estldll, val ) THEN DO
      val = STRIP( STRIP( val, "T", X2C("00"))) || " " || estldll || " " || "00"x
      val = SysIni("USER", "SYS_DLLS", "LoadPerProcess", val );
  1. Create an empty file in the root directory of your boot drive \WiseMachine.FIT
  2. Reboot
  3. Start estyler.exe

Optionally you also can copy \OS2\DLL\PMMRGRES.DLL from eCS 1.1 to OS/2. This will give you the round titlebar buttons.