Various odd symptoms with PTI IDE drive

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Last Updated: 27th November, 1994


  Unable to install, unable to access hard drive, intermittent and odd
  effects after installation (HPFS, possibly FAT as well).  One user
  reported the loss of pop-up menus (mouse RMB and Shift-F10)
  persisting even over a power-down and a MAKEINI rebuild of both
  OS/2 INI files.


  Promise Technology, Inc.  DC4030VL-2 4-drive IDE adapter and
  PTI1S506.ADD driver.


  It appears that there are problems with the PTI driver, at least
  with v1.2.3, v1.3, and v1.40.  PTI Tech Support has said that there
  are problems related to the PTI driver writing to the OS/2 boot
  partition at shutdown, which is assumed to be FAT.


  Install to a FAT partition.  Or, Use the IBM1S506.ADD driver
  shipped with Warp by removing the PTI1S506.ADD line from CONFIG.SYS
  and adding the following line in its place (assuming 2 drives):

BASEDEV=IBM1S506.ADD /A:0 /U:0 /!SMS /U:1 /!SMS


  Writing to an OS/2 HPFS partition as if it were a FAT partition is
  not generally recommended.

Frank McKenney