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What is Sun VirtualBox

VirtualBox is an x86 virtualization software package, originally created by German software company innotek, now developed by Oracle as part of its xVM virtualization platform. It is installed on an existing host operating system; within this application, additional operating systems, each known as a Guest OS, can be loaded and run, each with its own virtual environment.

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Host or Guest

OS/2 and eComStation can act both as a host operating system or as a guest operating system when running VirtualBox. Some constraints apply to what you can do and specifically HOW you do things depending on the availability and combinations of "hosts" and "guests":

  • a Host OS

In this case, OS/2 or eCS is your machines operating system. By installing VirtualBox for OS/2 and eComStation, you will be able to run different operating systems as "virtual machines" on your PC.

  • a Guest OS

Running OS/2 or eCS as a guest means that your PC is actually running some other operating system (like Linux, Windows, ...) and OS/2 or eCS will be available as virtual machines.

VirtualBox for OS/2-eCS-ArcaOS

This software is needed if you want to run different operating systems from within your OS/2 or eComStation PC (it will thus give you a VirtualBox 'host' on your machine). Whereas, if you intend to run OS/2 or eComStation as a virtual machine on a different operating system environment (e.g. "run OS/2 on a Windows machine"), you will need to download the appropriate VirtualBox version (in this case the Windows version).

Different ports of VirtualBox for OS/2 and eComStation are available for free download:

BitWise's Port
Version 5.0.6 r141 Beta [1]
Paul Smedley's port
Version 1.x.x-r9190 (20080531) from Paul Smedley's Homepage
T.Ebisawa's port (contains patches to fix DBCS-compliant problems)
Version 1.6.1-r9201 (20080604) from an anonymous FTP server




VirtualBox 5.0.6 beta running on eComStation

VirtualBox 5.0.6 beta running on eComStation

VirtualBox 5.0.6 beta running on eComStation

VirtualBox 5.0.6 beta running on eComStation

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