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Vyperhelp logo.gif
Version 1.11
Vendor MekTek
Author Mat Kramer
License GNU GPL V2
Download vyperhelp.exe

VyperHelp is a visual outliner and editor for creating online help for OS/2-based systems. It generates IPF files, which can be compiled into OS/2-based HLP and INF files. It also generates WinHelp, RTF, HTML, and HTMLHelp files.

VyperHelp is now freeware. To "register" the software, open the VyperHelp Editor, go to Help - Registration, and enter the folloing information:

  • User Name: Freeware
  • Key: DCEF9081302976CF82

There is no support available.


VyperHelp has the following features:

  • WYSIWYG text editing with codes revealed
  • Powerful outline tree controls
  • Keyword/index support
  • Full symbol support
  • IPF import and export
  • WinHelp (HPJ, CNT, RTF, HH) import and export
  • HTML (single file or framed) export
  • HTMLHelp export
  • RTF document-style export
  • C header file export
  • ASCII text import and export
  • Command-line conversion program

How Can I Use It?

The editor lets you:

  • maintain cross-platform help text from a single source.
  • write help text without knowing IPF, RTF or HTML syntax.
  • quickly and easily manipulate the contents tree.
  • import or export IPF, Windows help or plain text.
  • export to web pages or HTMLHelp.
  • export to printable RTF or plain text.
  • export help IDs to C language #define statements.

The converter lets you:

  • convert OS/2 IPF help to Windows help.
  • convert Windows help to OS/2 help.
  • convert OS/2 IPF or Windows help into printable RTF.
  • convert OS/2 IPF or Windows help into HTML or HTMLHelp.
  • import or export plain text.
  • OS/2 Warp version 3 or greater
  • Pentium or faster
  • 4M hard drive space
  • 32M memory recommended
  • IPF compiler (to create HLP or INF files)


Main Window

The main window is divided into two panes. On the left is the section tree, which displays the contents of the document in tree form. The Section menu contains commands which are used to easily manipulate the contents tree (for example, promote, demote, move up and move down).

On the right is the text editor, which holds the contents of the open section. Control information, such as paragraph breaks, character styles and hyperlinks are shown in gray.

Vyperhelp main.jpg

Section Properties

The Section Properties dialog lets you assign keywords and labels to a selected section. Keywords are used to generate an index. Labels are used to link sections within the document and from an application. VyperHelp can generate a C header file with all of the labels so the program can easily link to the help screens.

Vyperhelp section.jpg

Symbol Selection

The Symbol Selection window lets you choose from a large list of symbols, including those not visible on the machine being used for editing. Symbols will be correctly displayed on the target machine (if possible) whether generating OS/2 or Windows help.

Vyperhelp symbols.jpg