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Version (Nov 1999)
Author Carsten Thorenz
License Freeware
Download wnice.zip

WNice is an add-on DLL for WatchCat 2.1, which enables the changing of process priorities and an enhanced kill feature.

The DLL doesn't do this itself, it just interfaces between WatchCat and the XFREE86 device driver by Holger Veit or the Nice package by Sharon Dagan.

Be warned, this kind of stuff is not for the wimpy "point-and-click" user. It is a power users tool and can do serious harm to your system if you don't know what you're doing.



Install WatchCat as stated in the package.

Extract the files from the other packages to the directories you like. Copy all DLLs to a directory mentioned in LIBPATH and all EXEs to a directory in PATH or change LIBPATH and PATH appropriately.

Add a line like "DEVICE=f:\XFree86\lib\xf86sup.sys" to your CONFIG.SYS. (naturally you have to change it to point to the real location of xf86sup.sys on your system)

Add a line like "detach F:\usr\bin\niced.exe -start" to your STARTUP.CMD. (again: change it to reflect the real location of niced.exe ...)

Copy WNice.dll to the directory where WatchCat lives. If you have previously installed WKILL9.DLL you have to kill WatchCat and remove WKILL9.DLL, as WNice supersedes it.

Shutdown and reboot.

Using it

Activate WatchCat. Now you should see a process list on the left hand and the WNice interface on the right hand.

Select a process by clicking on it. You can see that WNice reflects the process properties.

To change a priority click on the number of the class you desire or on the delta you want. Only children of PMSHELL can be reniced. Be warned that changing the class can be dangerous for system stability.

To use the enhanced kill select a process and click on [Kill process]. Again this is restricted, only processes with PIDs > 12 can be killed.