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Version 4.0 (Oct 1999)
Vendor Noller & Breining Software
License BSD 3 Clauses
Download WPSac_4-0.zip

WPSac (Workplace Shell Access Control) is a tool that restricts access to the workplace shell to users with a configured user id (comparable with the WinNT logon). It also enables the administrator to restrict access to objects inside the workplace shell of a user. Users may share a workplace shell or use their own. Also it is able to logon to other tools or the LAN via the "Single signon feature".


This program package enables OS/2 users to run different desktops on a single machine. It offers a logon panel on startup and a single signon facility to logon at other products in parallel during startup. Its features are:

  • Creation of user specific workplaces
  • Protects objects on the workplace shell of willfully or accidentally destruction
  • Administrator driven, user specific restriction of functionalities of the workplace shell or its objects
  • Single signon capability (Simultaneous logon of products of different vendors during system logon)

Other features are:

  • User specific environment variables
  • User specific system startup folders
  • Optional limitation of validity interval of passwords
  • Automatic password generation for the single signon feature
  • Logon with magnetic cards or chip cards
  • Grafical user interface for administration program
  • CID enabled installation procedure
  • Support of IBM LAN Server additional to Novell server for storage of LAN wide user profiles

WPSam is a tool similar to WPSac. It allows to switch the desktop by switching to another OS2.INI file (and OS2SYS.INI). A fullscreen version is also contained (INITOS2)