WS340 - OS/2 Warp Server Update

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OS/2 Warp Server Update (WS340) Preliminary


This course familiarizes the student with the content, installation procedures and configuration techniques of the components in the OS/2 Warp Server product.


5 days;


Upon completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe the differences in features and functions between Lan Server 3/4 and OS/2 Warp Server
  • Describe the SystemView model and its implementation in OS/2 Warp Server
  • Install OS/2 Warp Server and the new features
  • Identify the actions required to define an OS/2 Warp Server backup and Recovery strategy
  • Demonstrate how to use the various components in OS/2 Warp Server
  • Identify the basic functions provided by TCP/IP Services and how to install and configure them
  • Explain when to use the various components in OS/2 Warp Server

What you will learn:

  • File and Print Services
  • MPTS Adapter and Protocol Services
  • TCP/IP Services
  • Backup and Restore Services
  • SystemView Services
  • Advanced Print Services
  • Remote Access Services


This course is intended for support staff, LAN administrators, Resellers, and other personnel who want to know how to install and configure the components in IBM OS/2 Warp Server and who have LAN Server knowledge and experience.


It is assumed that individuals are certified LAN Server Administrators or have equivalent knowledge. This implies:

  • Being familiar with OS/2 LAN Server 3/4
  • Having a basic understanding of TCP/IP or the Internet
  • Familiarity with the OS/2 Workplace Shell

This is not an IBM OS/2 LAN or Novell Server Administration course.


Not Available.