WS730 - OS/2 Warp Server Administration Workshop I

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  • 3 days


This course introduces the student to the LAN environment using the OS/2 Warp Server. You will learn to install and administer servers and requesters and to support End users. Basic LAN concepts, terminology and OS/2 Warp Server administration are covered.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define basic LAN concepts and terminology
  • Install OS/2 Warp Server and OS/2 Warp Server Advanced
  • Use the OS/2 Warp Server Graphical User Interface and the Command line Interface to perform basic administrative tasks
  • Manage users and groups
  • Define and share LAN resources
  • Define appropriate access control
  • Describe the functions provided by Print Services Facility for OS/2 Warp Server
  • Provide shared applications to end users
  • Install and support DOS LAN Requesters and OS/2 LAN Requesters
  • Perform basic backup and recovery procedures
  • Access external resources
  • Apply first-level problem determination


This course is intended for personnel with little or no LAN experience who have the responsibility for the daily operations of OS/2 Warp Servers. The more complex planning and support of the OS/2 Warp Server domains is assumed to be provided by others within your organization.


Before taking this course, you must be familiar with the navigational skills necessary to operate an OS/2 Warp workstation.


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