WS750 - OS/2 Warp Server Connectivity and Advanced Features

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  • 4 days


This lab intensive course provides the skills, knowledge, and techniques required to use OS/2 Warp Server's advanced connectivity features.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe, install, configure and tune Adapter and Protocol Services in order to support OS/2 Warp Server and its clients
  • Describe and configure Dynamic IP clients
  • Describe and configure Netware protocol support and Netware NetBIOS emulation (IPXBEUI)
  • Identify the basic functions provided by TCP/IP Services and describe how to install and configure them
  • Describe the purpose of Dynamic IP and explain how to configure the DHCP and DDNS servers
  • Describe how to configure OS/2 Warp Server for Internet access and identify TCP/IP applications provided with the product
  • Explain how DOS and Windows applications can use the TCP/IP services provided with OS/2 Warp Server
  • Describe the four types of remote LAN Access environments supported by Remote Access Services
  • Explain how to configure Remote Access Services (WAN ports, Modems, Bridge, Address, Answer Modes, Phonebook, MPTS) using the integrated installation program and settings notebook
  • Explain how to install and configure OS/2 Remote Access Services Client and Windows Remote Access Services Client
  • Describe Bridging and Filtering functions as implemented in the Remote Access Services Connection Server
  • Describe the characteristics of Requester transport Configuration scenarios (NETBEUI, 802.2, TCPBEUI (Real Mode), etc)

What you will learn

  • Adapter and Protocol Services
  • Novell Gateway
  • Internet Gateway
  • TCP/IP Services
  • DHCP and DDNS
  • TCPBEUI on DOS LAN Services
  • Remote Access Services (LAN Distance)


LAN Administrators who have acquired basic administration skills and require skills to implement the connectivity features of OS/2 Warp Server should take this course. This course is intended for the OS/2 Warp Server Administrator who is responsible for planning and supporting the advanced connectivity features of OS/2 Warp Server.


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