WS760 - OS/2 Warp Server Service and Support

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  • 4 days


This course is designed to address additional issues that confront technicians on the job.


The course starts with a complete installation of a small LAN using both Ethernet and Token-Ring hardware. Students are expected to put adapters in the machines and both configure and install all the necessary drivers before installing Warp Server. After the servers are operational they will be expected to install and configure an Internet Access Gateway. They will then access the Internet Access Gateway remotely from their clients and surf the Internet to locate and download the necessary files for the next exercise. There is a small research exercise using IBM's technical support database software where the students will be expected to locate information to resolve common problems. A short unit on REXX programming is then used to escort the students into a comprehensive set of exercises on SystemView. The SystemView section introduces the subject of software planning and distribution. The students will be expected to distribute both a CID enabled and non-CID enabled software product on a SystemView client.

  • Review the installation and configuration of adapters in Warp Server
  • Installation and configuration of an Internet Access Gateway
  • Investigate IBM's CD-ROM support tools
  • Code REXX routines to handle routine system administration tasks
  • Perform software distribution of both CID and non-CID software


System administrators and technicians who support OS/2 Warp Servers and clients.The material in this course will help prepare candidates seeking certification for tests 129,131 and 132.


  • OS/2 Warp Server Administration,
  • OS/2 Warp Server Connectivity and Advanced Features (WS750E)


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