WarpOnline Volume 1, Issue 2 - May, 1996

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Warp Online
The Independent Guide to OS/2 Warp Computing   May 1996   Volume 1 Number 2
Cover Story: OS/2 Warp Powers Up Indy
Also In This Issue: Floppies Are Out and 10 Habits of Warp Users

Warp Online
In This Issue

1 From the Bridge

Letter From The Editor

2 Hailing Frequency
Letters From Our Readers

3 Scanner
Short Clips and News

4 Communicator
Classified Ads and Postings

On Screen
5 Floppies Are Out
We review the Iomega ZIP Drive and rate its compatibility with Warp

6 Caffeinated Warp
The new Java-enhanced WebExplorer beta is out - should you be upgrading?

7 Engine Room
Major Weenie debuts his new monthly programming column

Main Deck
8 Warp Powers Up Indy

The world's largest one-day sporting event wouldn't function without OS/2: Get on the inside track

9 10 Habits Of Highly Successful Warp Users

Follow the tips and habits of highly successful Warp users to increase your productivity.

Battle Stations
10 Ensign
Tips on installing and configuring OS/2 Warp

11 Admiral
Tips for the experienced Warp user

Captains Log
12 Merlin's Crystal Ball