WarpOnline Volume 1, Issue 4 - July, 1996

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Warp Online
The Independent Guide to OS/2 Warp Computing   July 1996   Volume 1 Number 4
Cover Story: First Looks at Merlin
Also In This Issue: Maxis OS/2 Games and WebExplorer Tips and Tricks

Warp Online

In This Issue


1 From the Bridge
Letter From The Editor

2 Hailing Frequency
Letters From Our Readers

3 Scanner
Short Clips and News

4 Communicator
Classified Ads and Postings

On Screen
5 WebExtra Overdrive
Innoval's new Web utility enhances the WebExplorer and cures some annoying habits.

6 System Analysis at Warp Speed
Bill Stevens reviews one of his favorite utilities, a little OS/2 gem called CPU Monitor Plus.

7 Major Weenie's Engine Room
His honor programs where no man has gone before.

Main Deck

8 First Looks at Merlin
The beta for next version of OS/2 is here! Check out what your desktop will look like soon.


9 Internet Success

Dont understand the Internet Access Kit? Check out our tips and tricks!

Battle Stations
10 Ensign
Tips on installing and configuring OS/2 Warp

11 Admiral
Tips for the experienced Warp user

12 The Future of Voice

Warp Online