WarpTech 2000

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  • Date: May 26–28, 2000
  • Location: Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park, Arizona
  • Website: [1]


  • Craig Greenwood, Captain / Exhibitors
  • Bill Schindler, Technical support
  • Mike Willmoth, Treasurer
  • Mark Kerzner, Registrar
  • Esther Schindler, Program
  • Sam MacDonald, Volunteers
  • Marilyn Pizzo, Hotel Liaison
  • Peter Skye, Marketing
  • Gil Day, Exhibitors
  • Burke Swanson, Audio/Visual
  • David Azarewicz, LAN
  • Daniel Goggia, Announcements


  • Joyce Clarke, Roommates
  • Frans Morre, Proceedings CD
  • Richard R. Klemmer, Travel
  • Bill Teags, Miscellaneous
  • Julian Thomas, Miscellaneous
  • Alan Zeichick, Miscellaneous
  • Robert Rosenwald, Printing
  • Robert Gehrig, Miscellaneous
  • Dick Krueger, Miscellaneous
  • Tracy Sparmer, Miscellaneous
  • Elliot Abramowitz, Miscellaneous
  • Robert (Rob) Werner, Miscellaneous
  • Bob Stark, Miscellaneous
  • Mark Abramowitz
  • Evelyn Hitch


  • Stephen Satchell: POTS to T3: Understanding Bandwidth
  • Micho Durdevich: Remote-booting Alien Operating Systems from OS/2
  • Oliver Mark: High Availability with Warp Server: Part 1
  • Chip Davis: Everything You Want to Know About the Rexx Parse Instruction
  • Scott Garfinkle: The OS/2 Programming Model
  • Markus Montkowski: So You Think You're Safe?
  • Oliver Mark, Alfonso Rodriguez: High Availability with Warp Server: Part 2
  • Mike Cowlishaw: The New NetRexx Interpreter Implementation
  • Rollin White: Mesa 2's Real-Time Feed
  • Wayne Swanson: Turning Tricks with VisPro/Rexx
  • Scott Garfinkle: Problem Determination Tools in OS/2
  • Randell Flint: Thinking Relationally
  • Irv Spalten, John Williams: Making Sense of IBM's Fixpack Policies
  • Dr Rony G. Flatscher: Extending the Workplace Shell with Object REXX
  • Andrew Pawlowski: Managing a Server-Based Environment
  • Achim Hasenmüller: OS/2 in Embedded Systems
  • William F. Schindler: A Technical Intro to XML
  • Steven King: Application Framework for e-business Roadmap
  • Jerry Stuckle: Developing Applications with VisualAge Tools
  • Daniel Collins , Matthew Messier: Cool Things You Can Do with Lotus 1-2-3 and SmartSuite for OS/2
  • Rafal R. Szymczak: Demystifying CID
  • Dr Rony G. Flatscher: Introduction to Object Rexx
  • David Hamel: Shareware Success
  • Michael Persell: The OS/2-Linux Road Map
  • Daryl Pilkington: The Small Business OS/2 Survival Guide
  • Jeffrey Kobal: Take a Message: Interaction Among PM Applications and The Single Input Queue
  • Michael Persell: Getting OS/2 Warp Server Past Impulse Power
  • Sundial Systems Corporation: Warped Jeopardy
  • Dave Beresic: Marketing Your Web Site - and Measuring the Results
  • Kimwai Cheung: Selling OS/2 Solutions - One Copy at a Time
  • David Azarewicz: Designing a Home Network
  • William F. Schindler: Introduction to XSL
  • Rollin White: Making the Most of Mesa 2
  • Patrick Haller, Achim Hasenmüller: Running Win32 Applications on OS/2: the Odin project
  • Jerry Stuckle: The Basics of Java Applets
  • Kevin E. Peterson: Connecting Databases To Java Applications
  • Duane Chamblee, Steven Levine, Daryl Pilkington: Stump the Experts
  • Jerry Stuckle: Servlets With A Smile
  • Kimwai Cheung: Developing Computer Telephony Applications in OS/2


  • SCOUG at WarpTech [2]
  • WarpTech2000: Full Of Surprises by By Bill Nicholls [3]