Warp Installation from CD fails - no matching driver found

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Last Updated: 2nd April, 1995


Unable to install OS/2 Warp Version 3 from CD. Warp installation indicates no matching driver found.


AZTECH CDA 268-01A Double Speed CD-ROM drive.
NEC 3xi DCD-ROM drive attached to PAS-16 with built-in SCSI.


Warp does not ship a driver for the AZTECH. It does ship the TMV1SCSI.ADD driver for the PAS-16/NEC, but the driver may not be autodetected properly.


For the NEC, try manually selecting the driver. If this fails, you will have to insert the driver inot CONFIG.SYS manually.

Drivers for the AZTECH have been reported as being available from the Aztech BBS.


Please let your manufacturer know that his product is being used with OS/2, and that having an OS/2 driver available for it is important.

Frank McKenney