Warp LaunchPad Position/Maximize Problem

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Last update: 6th November, 1995


Warp's LaunchPad appears in lower left of screen upon loading.


After the LaunchPad has been accidentally maximized, Warp automatically places it in the lower left of the screen when OS/2 or the LaunchPad is loaded. Even if the LaunchPad is not actually maximized (which it shouldn't be)


The only way to stop the LaunchPad from being placed on the lower left corner is to delete it (by right clicking on the LaunchPad icon or the LaunchPad itself and selecting delete) and then reopen it (by double-clicking on the desktop or rebooting).


The LaunchPad is not actually supposed to have the ability to maximize, but due to the design of the workplace shell, the LaunchPad can be caused to maximize in ways other than the normal right-clicking and selecting maximize (since that is not available).

By Michael Garcia

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