Warp Wish List 2014

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This are the summary of ideas took from the "BrainStorm: Wish list for OS/2 and eComStation" thread on Nov 2014.


  • ACPI:
    • Activate external screen/projector using function keys (related to (2) above)
    • Suspend/resume (for those with laptops)
  • Video Drivers:
    • Updated SNAP
    • SNAP for integrated Intel video with Multihead (3 times 1920x1200 resolution)
    • Panorama: Resolution change without reboot support.
    • Panorama: Support for the external VGA/HDMI port to connect it without reboot.
  • WLAN adapter drivers
    • Intel adapters
  • Bluetooth
  • USB3
  • Audio
    • Multiple sound streams for UniAud (my pet peeve)
  • UEFI and GPT support.


  • VBOX
    • new VBOX with clipboard and full network support
  • SeaMonkey
    • Improve the performance of it.
    • Solid Javascript running.
  • Apache Open Office
    • free all mem when closing and with fixed 'sticky window' ticket
    • Free OpenOffice from the Innotek Font Engine, which is crippling it.
  • cmd.exe
    • More than 8k (more than 80x100 char buffer)
  • Editors
    • Up to date VisualSlickEdit
  • OpenGL
  • TCPIP v6 stack
  • Video Conference App
    • Skype
  • Java Update
  • PMMail
    • Make PMMail able to directly display Unicode text (a weakness which is rapidly rendering it unusable for modern work).

GUI Improvements

From Comments and Suggestions about eComStation User Experience

  • The "quiet" boot.
  • The Boot Logo Animation
  • GUI - The Navigator
  • GUI – The Desktop Structure
  • Installed Apps Shortcuts Reorganization
  • GUI – Icon Format
  • GUI – eCenter Size / Icon Size
  • Directory and File Structure
  • The User Files Structure
  • Improved GUI Themes.
  • Save As / Open file dialog box (Open source)
  • Copy/Replace File Dialogs updates
  • The tray configuration (very simple)
  • Updating the Launchpad.
  • Revive "the monster" - XWorkplace.

System Limitations

  • Solving the shared memory problem
  • Fixed FPE (floating point exception (?) which crashes QT and other apps)
    • (Libc066 has a fix/workaround for this, apps will need rebuilding)