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William F. Schindler is an independent consultant who has worked intermittently with OS/2 since before version 1.0 was released. He has used and programmed in OS/2 continuously since the OS/2 2.0 beta. He is a founding member of the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc. He also produced the Extended Attributes Magazine.

He also has worked on just about every operating system and used nearly every computer language available. In addition to writing Teach Yourself Rexx in 21 Days, he has written several articles about computer programming and development tools, OpenDoc programming. Bill has been programming professionally for 13 years, and for ten of those years he has been an independent consultant.

He was also editor of the Phoenix OS/2 Society's award-winning publication extended attributes, a sysop in the CompuServe OS2AVEN, OS2BVEN, and OPENDOC forums, and (possibly just to prove that he does have a real life) has also won awards for his home-brewed beer. Bill was the architect of the Voice Pilot OpenDoc Speech Extension.


  • Objecting to databases. Part 1: Creating Object Rexx classes for database access [1] (Apr 2000)
  • Objecting to databases. Part 3: Creating some fetching little methods [2] (Jul 2000)
  • Objecting to databases Part 4: Flirting with the unknown. [3] (Sep 2000)


  • Down to Earth REXX (2000)
  • Teach Yourself REXX in 21 by Bill Schindler and Esther Schindler (Sams Publishing; 1st edition 1994)


  • Enhancing Your Use of the Enhanced Editor - Warpstock 1998
  • REXX - The Application Glue - Warpstock 1998
  • Intro to REXX - Warpstock 1997
  • Using VoiceType with OS/2 Warp (and Merlin) - Bill Schindler (The Groovy Corporation) - ColoradOS/2 1996


  • Groovy Corporation