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The win32prn project is designed to use Microsoft Windows 2000 printer drivers on the IBM OS/2 platform family with the use of the ODIN emulation technology. Theoretically, every Windows Driver Model (WDM) 1.1 compliant printer driver could be used with this project. This includes Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows2003 and WindowME device drivers. has agreed with Vitaliy Tymchyshyn (the developer of the tool) to assist in the hardware compatibility testing for this exciting project, which could eventually become a great alternative for the problem of lack of OS/2 drivers for the new printers.

List of the tested printers includes (note that it should work on many others, so please try and report about both successes and failures):

Device Build ODIN Build Driver Info Comments
Canon LBP-810 0.9.3b CAPT
Epson EPL-N2050/PS+ 0.9.3b 3.31
Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1100 0.9.3b UNIDRV/WinXP UNIDRV means driver supplied with OS Windows.
Samsung ML-1210 0.9.3b JustWay 1.43.09

Note: UNIDRV means driver supplied with OS Windows.


File Size Description
prnwin32pre2.exe B Win32Prn Project, version 1.0b Prerelease
prnwin32pre1.exe 6203452B Win32Prn Project, version 1.0a Prerelease 616022B Win32Prn Project, version 0.9.4 beta b debug version 643616B Win32Prn Project, version 0.9.4 beta b 613689B Win32Prn Project, version 0.9.4 beta a debug version 642221B Win32Prn Project, version 0.9.4 beta a 613223B Win32Prn Project, version 0.9.3 beta c debug version 640218B Win32Prn Project, version 0.9.3 beta c

Note about Win32Prn

At the moment, the project is in public beta stage and is freeware. Project files are time limited (30 days after build) and must be updated after this term.


To set up printer under WIN32PRN one must first set it up under native OS. That's why to use the project one need OS Microsoft Windows 2000 set up and running.

Also to load PE executables and provide required envirinment in OS IBM OS/2 project ODIN is used. It is recommended to use last ODIN version. In case you've faced problems to make a bug report you will need a debug version of the ODIN (to create necessary log files).

Features and limitations

At ideal state this project must run any Windows 2000 printer driver (and Windows XP too, but this possibility is not tested yet). At current moment this is limited by nonideal emulation of the printing subsystem of the WIN32PRN project (this is what author is working at) and nonideal emulation of the OS Windows by the ODIN project (and this is harder to fix). Not only black and white printing is supported (but on the color printers too).

List of known problems includes:

  • Black border output during printing from some applications



+ Addition
- Removal
* Change
! Fix

1.0.0b, 2004-05-21:

+ Added new export/import utilities to create packages with driver files included.

1.0.0a, 2004-02-20:

+ Added WarpIn installation module.

0.9.4b, 2003-12-04:

* Changed pipes from message to byte mode to fix error 234
+ Hooked ExtEscape function
+ Added EngWideCharToMultiByte and EngUnicodeToMultiByteN
+ Tested with Samsung ML-1210

0.9.4a, 2003-11-26:

+ Added print event signalling
* Fixed wprn32e utility (you need to reexport and reimport all files created
  with previous one if you have problems)

0.9.3c, 2003-10-31:

+ Added wprn32e utility to make windows information export easier
! Fixed problems printing from Mesa.

0.9.3b, 2003-09-23:

* Updated readme file
+ All documentation is now distributed in both release and debug versions

0.9.3a, 2003-08-15:

! Fixed creating empty spool files from release version
! Fixed problems printing from Mozilla
+ Added banding support for Windows drivers that requires it
+ Added EngCheckAbort and EngEraseSurface functions

0.9.1c, 2003-07-16:

! Fixed debug version not to link to odincrt
+ Added EngCopyBits. This allows unidrv drivers to work properly
* Busted communication between driver and daemon - this must give 
  very high performance boost

0.9.1b , 2003-06-25:

* Moved to omni driver sources. See below, list of fixes ! Printing from any OS/2 application
! No bloack lines along the print + Debug version available to make bug reports bette

0.9.2a, 2003-05-08:

! Fixed printer properties dialog trap
* Updated readme file to better installation instructions
+ Added HP LJ1100 to list of supported printers
! Fixed Error 234 printing error
+ Added EngMultiByteToWideChar function
! Fixed EngUnlockSurface export name

0.9.1a , 2003-04-28:

First alpha