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Version 1.0.14 (2021-11-01)
Author Ulrich Möller, Paul Ratcliffe, Rich Walsh
License GNU GPL
Download xwp-1-0-14
Website XWorkplace Netlabs page

XWorkplace consists of a whole collection of WPS replacement classes, plus lots of other features, among which are:

  • Freely configurable context menus.
  • Extended sort functions: finally there are system-wide default sort options, plus more sort criteria (e.g. sort by extension).
  • Display of folder content in context menus.
  • Freely configurable folder status bars.
  • Full path in folder window title bar.
  • Freely configurable folder hotkeys (e.g. "F5" for "Refresh now", or "Ctrl+E" for "Sort by extension"): more than 30 items can be configured.
  • Freely configurable object hotkeys: assign a hotkey to any WPS object and have it opened quickly this way.
  • "Snap to grid" for all folders.
  • Auto-scroll folder Tree views to make appearing items visible.
  • Extended Shutdown / Restart WPS features: you can now abort shutdown, configure many things, skip hanging programs, and even automatically reboot to a certain partition, if you have BootManager installed.
  • Lots of new WPS settings objects to ease system configuration, including CONFIG.SYS settings and device driver setup.
  • New "WPS Class List" object for manipulating the WPS class list.
  • Default WPS icons can be freely replaced.
  • More system sounds for certain WPS events.
  • "Treesize" utility to find out how much disk space is consumed by a folder and its subfolders.
  • "Netscape DDE Interface" utility to have URLs being passed to the currently running Netscape instance instead of always starting a new one.
  • A trash can with full WPS "delete" support.
  • Lots of mouse and keyboard enhancements, such as sliding focus, sliding menus, screen corner objects, and global object hotkeys — all with full WPS integration.
  • PageMage, a "virtual desktops" utility.
  • The XCenter, a WarpCenter replacement.

Award Winner 2001!: XWorkplace was elected "Best individual software of the year" in the OS/2 World awards 2001.

XWorkplace is the successor of XFolder package.


  • Extended folder context menus, with the new menu items taken from the special "Configuration folder", whose contents you may modify at will.
  • Display of folder contents in the folder's context menu.
  • New folder status bars with lots of information, depending on whether no object, just one object, or several objects are currently selected in the folder.
  • New folder split views, which show you a tree next to the folder contents.
  • XWorkplace's Treesize utility, which helps you find out more about the disk space consumption of folders and their subfolders on your system.
  • Confirmation dialog of XWorkplace's new eXtended Shutdown feature, which can simply shut down, or automatically power-off your system, or automatically reboot, or even reboot to a certain volume from Boot Manager. LVM is supported.
  • Driver configuration dialog for IBM1S506.ADD and DANIS506.ADD, which is one of XWorkplace's features to make your CONFIG.SYS handling a bit easier.
  • New page in the "Keyboard" settings object which displays all object hotkeys which are currently configured.
  • Contents of the XWorkplace trash can, which has full WPS "delete" support and allows you to restore objects that were accidentally deleted.
  • The XCenter, XWorkplace's replacement of the WarpCenter, which is much more configurable and even allows for plug-in DLLs. Screenshot shows several WPS objects, the CPU "pulse" widget, the window list widget, the "Sentinel" memory watcher, and the system's current time. These widgets and more are included with the standard XWorkplace.
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