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Version 1.81 (May 1997)
Author Lee Cjin Pheow
License Freeware
Download yaos181.zip

YAOS (Yet Another OS/2 Shell) is a shell that runs on top of cmd.exe.


  • Unix-like file name completion using the space key.
  • ycd - a vcd-like quick directory changer.
  • A history of previously used commands (Alt+H popup window)
  • Ability to change directory across drives.
  • Full support for prompt setting in OS/2.
  • Full implementation of command line editing (Emacs-like).
  • A popup window that displays the possible file names for completion.
  • [-o] argument: Defaulting to overwrite mode on startup.
  • Directory name that is completed using <tab> will have the back slash appended to the end of the name.
  • Implementation of aliases.
  • Implementation of default application to launch for specific file extensions (ext).
  • File name completion popup window, the maximum string that is common to all possible names is matched.
  • Environment setting for startup options.
  • Recognizes different keyboard layouts.
  • Built-in "which <executable>" command to locate pathed executable files.
  • Hitting the <Esc> key clears the command line.
  • Use of the '&' character to detach a process like in Unix.
  • Built-in "kill <pid>" command to kill a process.