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Version 1.94a5 (Jul 2002)
Vendor Zedtek Inc.
Author Kim G. Henkel
License Shareware
Website http://www.ztree.com

ZTreeBold a text-mode file/directory manager has been developed as a native OS/2 alternative to the DOS product, XTreeGold, now that its owners have officially ceased further development and support. Many long time users of a PC became used to using XTreeGold in the days when DOS was the common OS. With XTreeGold having the disadvantages of being a DOS program. ZTreeBold was written by Kim Henkel to provide all the functionality that such users are accustomed to, while avoiding all the DOS imposed limitations.


  • No 640K memory barrier...log an unlimited number of disks and files.
  • Supports HPFS long file and directory names.
  • Extended attributes are maintained during file operations.
  • Allows use of any current or future archiving programs.
  • Will produce a WPS Desktop Shadows using simple keystrokes; "S" and enter.