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Template:Lowercase Template:Infobox OS ArcaOS is the name of a PC operating system based on OS/2, that was published by Arca Noae, LLC. It includes several additions and accompanying software not present in the IBM version of the system.:<ref name="Arca-01">ArcaOS Website [1]</ref> <ref name="Arca-02">ArcaOS announcement at[2]</ref> <ref name="Arca-13">Blue Lion: new OS/2 distribution due 2016 [3]</ref>

ArcaOS is a 32-bit operating system which runs on the x86 processor architecture (real or virtualized). It is based on the IBM OS/2 Warp 4.52 binary level (Also known as Merlin Convenience Pack 2 or MCP2).<ref name="Arca-03">ArcaOS Website [4]</ref> <ref name="Arca-04">Blue Lion Announcement at Warpstock 2015 [5]</ref>



ArcaOS was formally announced for the first time at October 23 of 2015 at the Warpstock 2015 event (An OS/2 and eComStation user group event) under the code name "Blue Lion" by Arca Noae's Managing Member, Lewis Rosenthal.<ref name="Arca-05">Blue Lion Announcement at Warpstock 2015 [6]</ref> <ref name="Arca-06">OS/2: Blue Lion to be the next distro of the 28-year-old OS [7]</ref>

Some of the features announced at the announcement time for Blue Lion was<ref name="Arca-07">Blue Lion Announcement at Warpstock 2015 [8]</ref>

  • A new SMP kernel.
  • A new pre-boot menu.
  • A new OS installer that will support install from USB flash memory and network install.
  • Include the drivers that already produced by Arca Noae.<ref name="Arca-12">Is the world ready for a bare-metal OS/2 rebirth? [9]</ref>
  • Include the latest Workplace Shell enhancements.
  • Include eCUPS for printer drivers.
  • It will be available in several languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch. <ref name="Arca-11">OS/2 comes back from the dead [10]</ref>.

On the Warpstock 2015 conference it was initially announced for the 3Q of 2015 but it was also said that release dates may change. <ref name="Arca-08">Blue Lion Announcement at Warpstock 2015 [11]</ref>. There was also no pre-orders at that time.

The name of "ArcaOS" was published for the first at a Tech Republic article <ref name="Arca-09">OS/2 resurrected: Blue Lion becomes ArcaOS, details emerge for upcoming release [12]</ref> on May 26 of 2016, while the ArcaOS domain was bought on December 20 of 2015. On that article Lewis Rosenthal announced that the first release of ArcaOS will be version 5.0 because it relates to the latest version of OS/2 Warp which was 4.52. It was also said that ArcaOS 5.1 will prioritize French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch versions of the operating system.

It was told initially <ref name="Arca-10">OS/2 resurrected: Blue Lion becomes ArcaOS, details emerge for upcoming release [13]</ref> that ArcaOS will be sold in two edition:ArcaOS Commercial Edition intended for the commercial use of the platform and ArcaOS Personal Edition with six months of support at a lower price. Pricing was not detailed at that time.

First Release

ArcaOS 5.0 (code name Blue Lion) was released on May 15 of 2017.<ref name="Arca-04">ArcaOS 5.0 release announcement.[14]</ref>


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