ArcaOS 5.0.1 ChangeLog

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Blue Lion (ArcaOS 5.0) Changelog:

5.0.1 - 2017-07-08

Summary of changes from 5.0

  • Fixed hardware detection db for Realtek NICs
  • Updated testlog.exe
  • Don't add /EAS to CACHEF32.EXE by default
  • Install OS2AHCI files from WPI
  • Add OS2LOGO to SMPFILES & ensure it gets copied to hard disk even in verbose boot mode
  • Added AHCI.WPI package
  • Add GPLv3 license file to ArcaMapper package
  • Updated ArcaMapper help file (English)
  • Move WPDrive2 class replacement to end of phase 2 (to avoid breaking XWPDrives subclassing)
  • Disable NetDrive volume persistence by default
  • Add MOZ_PLUG to FF and SM packages, with README
  • Updated Uniaud
  • Updated FAT32 to r288
  • Updated Samba plugin
  • Fixed DVD boot Samba plugin location
  • Disabled IcedTea plugin
  • Updated readme files for multimac
  • Fix for ticket 1208 (crash when prdesc.lst contains unexpected data)
  • Add AICU320.ADD SCSI driver
  • Set SMOUSE by default when VirtualPC detected.
  • Add MMBGE driver & device IDs to detection database, minor additions
  • (MiniLVM) Add check for LVM 'corrupt' flag on disk 1 when deciding whether to en abling/disabling the AirBoot install menuitem (ticket 1215).
  • Updated testlog
  • Updated MultiMac drivers
  • Updated Lucide 1.4.0 (cosmetic issue)
  • Updated USB, testlog
  • Updated MultiMac drivers
  • (Install-backend) Fix problem installing non-UniAUD sound drivers on certain systems
  • (Install-backend) Fix error installing more than two of the same NIC driver
  • (Install-backend) Make sure USBCOM.SYS comes after PSCOM.SYS (1138)
  • (Drivers) Updates to IBM-shipped NIC drivers (1163)
  • (NAPS) Fix bogus output when adding protocol in NAPS
  • Updated AHCI driver 2.02
  • Fixed install where there is a delay after dfsee command such as large HPFS disks
  • Remove browser history and cookies from conf; do not overwrite browser conf if it already exists (ticket #'s 1073, 1074)

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