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* [[Artie Builder]]
* [[Artie Builder]]
* [[Artie FAT32 Logo]]
* [[Artie FAT32 Logo]]
* [[Artie Warpstock or Burst]]

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Artie is one of the self-proclaimed OS/2 Warp, eComStation and other OS/2 derivate OSes community mascot.

Artie v1-0.png


The OS/2 community discussed on the OS2World forums (and other sites) what should be a good mascot for OS/2. At some voting it became evident that a lot of people liked the idea of an elephant as a mascot.

Why an Elephant

On OS/2 Warp there was a program that was a simple registration form to register your product with IBM. A lot of people on the forums asked how to disable that program from boot, and it always showed a cartoon elephant on that form, that may be one of reasons why the OS/2 users consider an elephant a good mascot for the OS.

Here it is a picture of IBM's registration form for OS/2 Warp


Image History

This mascot is based on a public domain cartoon elephant located in several free cliparts sites [1][2] [3]. The eyes were slightly modified by Martin Iturbide with Inkscape.


Version 1.x



  • Version 1.1 is Public Domain.


  • Version 1.1
    • Public Domain picture with eyes modified by Martin Iturbide.