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Author Gary L. Robinson
License Freeware
Download bkview32.zip

Utility to choose which .INF files you want to view.

BKVIEW uses the VIEW.EXE program which comes with the OS/2 system and merely gives a list box for all the .INF files that are in the directory \OS2\BOOK. Double click on your choice and it will run VIEW.EXE and bring up the .INF file you chose. After your .INF files loads in BKVIEW terminates itself. The default directory is \OS2\BOOK, but if you want to use other directories to put all your .INF files then BKVIEW will accept any valid path as a command line parameter or in the OPTIONAL PARAMETERS box in the settings menu if you put it on the desktop. In fact, you can specify up to three different paths that BKVIEW will search for .INF files.

For instance, if you put all your .INF files in D:\OS2\INFFILES then run BKVIEW at the command line: BKVIEW D:\OS2\INFFILES or put D:\OS2\INFFILES in the OPTIONAL PARAMETERS box in the settings menu if you place it on the desktop.

  • Another example could be : BKVIEW D:\OS2\BOOK D:\BCOS2\BIN C:\DOS
  • BKVIEW would look in all three paths for .INF files.
  • BKVIEW comes "as is" with no charges or guarantees.